The Green Light

I saw my OB yesterday for my post partum check up and all is well.  I got the okay to resume all  normal activities.  As if!  Sure,  I will just run over to the gym this afternoon for a  workout.  I’m sure that last nights 3 hours of sleep is plenty to fuel a good weight-loss run.  Heh!

On the weight front, that’s actually going fairly well considering I’m not really on a diet and not getting much exercise aside from waking the dog and Nathan a few days per week.  In 4 weeks I have lost 28 lbs.  Sounds fantastic but I have a LOT of work to do to get the rest off and for this deflated body to look somewhat like its old self again.  I am really hopeful that I can get back into my real clothes by Christmas… though I don’t think my tops will fit by then.   Even if I loose it all the milk bar will still be up and running.

I am exhausted but I think I am getting used to it.   Sure, I get cranky as hell come evening sometimes but I’m functioning.   The house and laundry are kept up, but I will admit that I’m lucky to get my teeth brushed by noon on most days.   I thought I would be ready for a moms group by now but I’m not.  I’m not ready to have to get out of the house at a certain time,  I can’t force the baby to eat when he is asleep just so we can get out.  Yesterday was a perfect example with my Dr apt.   He was nursing while I was having my exam.   He isn’t on any sort of schedule, he just eats when he is hungry and sleeps when he is tired.  Must be nice!  He is still a really calm sweet boy.  Crying when he needs something but we did have our first real belly ache this week.  It was awful!  He was uncomfortable for a good 16 hours.  We had to hold him most of the time, he just kept crying and passing gas. Poor guy, apparently dried cranberries are evil! Aside from that day we are still doing well.  Still having fun with him every day, watching him grow and discovering new things around him every day.  Who would have thought that watching      your baby look at himself in the mirror would be the highlight of your day?

Some random pictures….


2 thoughts on “The Green Light

  1. He is so, so cute. You will have my undying admiration if you get into your regular clothes by Christmas. That’s not even three months! I’m glad he’s treating you well too!

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