Life doesnt sleep

That pretty much sums it up.  Nathans sleep is erratic at best which means mine is worse.  He is back and forth with 3 hour increments but every other night or for a few in a row he will cluster feed.  Meaning, he eats small amounts every 45-60 minutes and will do so for hours on end.  This tends to happen in the middle of the night.  I’m exhausted!  I love nursing him now that the pain is mostly gone but oh dear god child, I need more sleep.  Mike has been fantastic, doing nearly everything for me so I can at least rest during the day.  Napping is a lot harder than I thought it would be.  See, I eventually snap out of it and am awake for the day.  I try and just take it easy but even that is a challenge.  I keep cleaning up, doing laundry and visiting with guests.   Ugh, the laundry!  OMG, I knew there would be more but I grossly underestimated the firehouse factor into this equation.  Nathan pee’s when you take his diaper off, often.  You’d think I would be prepared for that but sleeping for 30 minutes makes one ill prepared!  We  have washed our duvet cover and our feather insert 3 times in his 18 days.  Maybe writing about this now will keep me from changing him on our bed tonight?   In addition to that the kid is a champion  spitter-up’er! I thought that breast milk helped with that, that formula was more likely to come.  God help me if I ever made that switch.   So yeah, the laundry is plentiful.

In addition to the tiredness I’m already loosing my mind.  Aside from walks in the neighborhood I have not been out of the house in a week.  I cant really get out, it’s not that I don’t want to but our house is full.  I can’t just escape for a breather.  My in-laws who are awesome (they spent today making 10 meals to freeze for us!) are here until Saturday.  Then I get 4 days before my sister gets here.  I’m looking forward to them but also I’m not.  Mike goes back to work on Monday after 3 weeks off.  I’m going to miss him. But, I’m going to get out!  We will run errands and visit Daddy at work to show him off, I may also swing by my old job.   That will bring a little more sanity, maybe it will bring some sleep with it?

 What Ma’, I’m totally rested!

Okay, maybe just a cat nap…

6 thoughts on “Life doesnt sleep

  1. Ok, so I have to tell you. Gabe just peed on his own face tonight. Dave was changing him and he just started peeing on himself. Didn’t seem to mind it a bit. I’m not sure what is going on, but it is supposed to stop after the first couple months.

  2. lol…now you know one of the reasons i was hoping for a girl – you and your sisters NEVER peed while being changed! As for the “urping”, ask Steve Kerr, you too were a champion at it. See you in about 10 days.

    Love you


  3. WOW– I will call him — mini-Mike. I can see it already.

    Glad you’re still writing — wasn’t sure if you’d continue with that. Keep up the GREAT job!!!

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