14 Days

My baby is already 2 weeks old-well two weeks tomorrow!  Albeit two very long weeks with the physical recovery, the horrendous breast pain and lack of sleep.  Still, I cant believe its been two weeks.  Two of the best,  love filled weeks of my life.

Nathan is such a good boy!  In his first two weeks we have been out of the house about 6 times, errand running, out to lunch with visitors, short shopping trips, and to both his and my Dr. appts.  He is just as content at home as his is out and about.  Nursing in public is a little tricky, I’ve learned that I need very long v-neck tops if I’m to be successful.  Otherwise something ends up showing, my wrap is only so long.  I’m very afraid to jinx it but he is a really easy baby.  His sleeping is seeming to regulate a little bit, most nights he lets me sleep for 3 hours at a time, but we still have nights were I am up every hour.  My books tell me to expect a growth spurt right at the 2 week mark and for him to be insatiable.  This weekend could be harder. He only cries if he needs something, food, diaper or wardrobe change.   My Mom says he’s easy because Mike and I are so relaxed, I don’t know but I am grateful whatever the reason.

We enjoy him so much!  His awake period is around 7-10 pm and its the best part of the day.  He is making eye contact with us now which melts me.  Just after he finishes up eating he slips into this half awake half asleep state where he smiles and talks up a storm, also a favorite.

He is looking bigger already, he is up to 6 lbs 15 oz as of Wednesday.  

Big Yawn

Eye contact

The smile


5 thoughts on “14 Days

  1. He melts my heart…I want to hold him so bad. I’m glad you guys are doing great. Kiss him for me, would ya?


    PS: miss you guys

  2. oh my gosh… I love those pictures! And the smell – dear god the smell of a newborn baby! I LOVE that you are enjoying this so much! Congratulations on the breast feeding, I sometimes feel that was harder than giving birth! 🙂

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