Life is Good

This picture makes my heart explode.    Watching these two brings tears to my eyes,  Mike is so good at this.  He reads him books and makes up little songs, stops to kiss him before he leaves the room and tells him he loves him 1000 times a day, changes as many diapers as I do, checks in on us in the middle of the night while I’m nursing, he’s present.   This is all so much better than I ever imagined.  I have never been so in love.


6 thoughts on “Life is Good

  1. I can’t come here anymore if I keep tearing up everytime the page opens. I am so happy for you, hope your uterus feels better and look forward to the birth story. That baby is so cute. And honestly, I don’t think many newborns are very cute (mine included).

  2. AHHHHHHHHHHHH- the wait it killing me! When Nathan is 3 and Mike is out playing catch, you will get just as teary as you do now! Fair warning! This NEVER ends!

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