Nathan Riley

Well, someone wanted out badly!  I will give you the full story later but for now just the stats and a few pictures.

Nathan was born at 10:58am on October 6th. 

6lbs. 6 oz

19 inches

  Belly around 3am before leaving for the hospital

Us in our room a few hours after birth

Napping today

I will be back soon to give the full scoop.


12 thoughts on “Nathan Riley

  1. Congrats…I love him! (oh and his little outfit…too cute)
    Can’t wait to meet him in person. Send more pics.


  2. He is so beautiful! I am so happy glad that you are both doing good and are home. I cant wait to hear the birth story! I hope you are getting plenty of rest!

  3. He’s super cute! I would L-O-V-E to hold him and smell him. Im so excited for you and Mike. There are some wonderful days ahead.

    ps…that outfit is exceptional!! Horizontal stripes look great on him. heehee

  4. I’m a complete idiot and should no longer be allowed to look at pictures of newborns because I am crying right now. He is so beautiful. I am so excited for you. You look so awesome, too, as usual. Congratulations, welcome home and you will love your new life, I just know it!

  5. Oh Christina! He is beautiful. The picture of the two of you sleeping is awesome. Can’t wait to hear about his arrival.

    BTW- I love your shower curtain, do you remember where you got it??

  6. So I saw this last night but was so enraptured and showing your little boy off to my husband that I forgot to say — CONGRATULATIONS! Hope all are well over there and that you’re enjoying every moment. (Or at least every other one.)

  7. The cuteness is blinding! He is adorable. Great job and congratulations and many blessings on your wonderful little guy and his mommy and daddy!

  8. He’s beautiful. Congratulations!

    Also, I love his name. If for some reason Freka turns out to be a boy, Luke and I already decided his name will be Nathan!

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