The Boot, continued

 I wrote a few weeks ago about my concern regarding the person coming in to replace me 6 weeks before my last day.  This is his 4th week and he’s doing okay.  He drives me bat shit crazy on a daily basis, rather than trying to learn the job he’s got constant ideas on how to improve upon all procedures.  That’s great and ambitious buddy but maybe you should learn what the Sam hell this job is and then re work it all?   Anyway, that’s all misplaced anger really.   He is trying and yes he annoys me but overall he is getting it.  

What I’m all worked up about is this.   I was told this morning that this is the last week that I have a home in my office.  They are kicking me out of it on Monday; Tim gets my seat, my computer, and my job. While I what, you (and I) ask?  I did ask my boss this exact question; what do I do?  She told me just be here for him if he has questions.  That’s it!  No job to do, no place to sit.  Fantastic.   I tell you what, I will read a book a day on the clock cause if they want me out they are going to have to tell me, don’t be all passive aggressive.  Hide my red swing line stapler and move me to the storage room in the basement, tell me, make me leave!*  Until then I will be desk hopping with my book in my hand.

No work, no computer, no phone, no place to sit.  It’s not like I’m leaving them in the lurch here, I was very open about not returning and well in advance of my last day. I have been a great employee.  I was sick as a dog in my first trimester and didn’t call in sick one time!    I’m on time, I am reliable, and I am good at my job. I take pride in my work and I’m doing all I can to insure Tims success with this company. I just wish someone had noticed, it all makes me sad, but, I’m not bitter.

* Office space, someone please tell me they knew that.


5 thoughts on “The Boot, continued

  1. Oh, I totally knew it was Office Space! And I know what you mean about a new employee coming in and having a billion ideas about how to make things better — I’ve been dealing with that for 2 years now. Are you going to have somewhere to sit every day??

  2. Swingline now makes a red stapler. I own one. And my name is ALL OVER IT so no one can take it from me. If they do, I’ll set the building on fire..

    So my doctor told me yesterday that I should work until I go into labor. I almost cried. So you have my undying respect.

  3. Dude, that sucks.. What are you going to do? I think I would hoist myself up on the front counter or something…haha! Actually I would ask if I could be supportive and answer his questions via the telephone…FROM HOME! It can’t hurt to ask, you know, since there won’t be anywhere to sit or anything to do! Sit home and collect that paycheck girl!
    Call me soon!

  4. First off, I totally got it.

    Second, shame on your employer for booting you out. Definitely bring your book and make them accommodate you somewhere!

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