I’m bringin’ Sexy back

Welcome to 9 months pregnant, these are your feet.  Your toes now resemble ‘lil smokies and your legs are holding fluid as well. I’ve been home for about an hour and a half and you can still see the indentation from my flip flops!  This is a tad depressing.   

Had I not been at the Dr this morning I would have gone in for a quick bp check, just to be sure.

Speaking of that, all is well.  I saw my favorite Mid-Wife again, the one who said Nugget felt small one month ago. (no, thats not why I love her) I told her about Dr Kelley and his “pretty seizable head” remark followed by c-sections are no big deal.  She laughed, and said “he’s such a man!”  She also said that she was sorry, he shouldn’t be saying stuff like that to first timers, you know, inducing heart attacks and such.  She took my hands and showed me by touch how to feel the sides of his head, its not big feeling to her and surprisingly not to me either.  It seemed about the size of my palm.  She told me if he were my 2nd I could “sneeze him out”  OH!?- better than the Giant Peach baby I was afraid of.  That said, do either of them really know?    She estimated he’s probably close to 6 lbs today and that he could be in the 7.5-8 lb range at birth.  Again, guessing but sounds okay to me.   I measured exactly 36 today which was good since Dr Big Head said I was 2 cen. over ( did I mention that before?) but today was right on track.  My BP was still good, I don’t remember its exact number this time but something normal,  it certainly wasn’t in the danger zone to go with the massive flinstone feet that have developed so that makes them a little less alarming.   I go every week now until d-day!  As ready as I am I can hardly believe how quickly this time has passed, I have been warned that time will come to a screeching halt at any moment.   I hope not.

5 thoughts on “I’m bringin’ Sexy back

  1. My feet did that while we were on the cruise. I was SOOOOO worried that the swelling wouldn’t come down after we got back since it’s a little early for me to start swelling. After being home two days and staying off my feet they were back to normal.

    I think a 7.5 lb baby sounds perfect! I’ll be sending little head vibes your way!

  2. The hospital I delivered at had rotating drs. so you never really knew who you would see or who would deliever for you. I saw Dr. F one time about at 34 or 35 weeks. He said she will be bewteen 7.10 and 7.14. He ended up delivering her and she was 7.12. I thought he was God at that point. I have no idea how he knew but I don’t think he could have been much closer!

    Hoping Nugget is close to what they are saying 7.5 – 8.0 would be a perfect size!!

  3. Those are some gorgeous sausages.. err feet. They will be back down to size soon enough. In the meantime, think of all the fun you can have imprinting your feet with sandals! Fun!

  4. YOYOYO!

    We’re also excited to see the pix here in Oregon — so send ’em when you get ’em.

    Really, I think you should call the ambulance if the game is going on, that just seems nutty.

    Sounds like all is well and you guys are having fun~ which is the best thing you can really hope for,

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