Back on track

I’m feeling much better!  I doubt it is the end of the mood sings but today I feel like myself.  My sleeping is off and on some nights are good others are not, as long as there are a few nights of sleep a week I am okay.   My excitement is back in full swing.  Each evening this week I have spent time doing something in his room, putting together the bouncy seat and the swing.  Getting his clothes together for his hospital bag, little stuff like that.  Something about having the baby stuff migrate to other areas of the house has me suddenly very aware of how little time we have left!  The car seat is in the den, the bouncy seat in our bedroom.  Until now everything has been in his room, so having it in other places is a constant reminder and I love it

I’m not sure how I will spend my weekend.  I have so many little things to do, wash his tiny clothes and bedding and bottles.  I need to take his bathroom back and give Mr. Milo the boot, moving him to the basement.  Then move his supplies in.  I also have some things to do before our first guests.  Some of it fun.  I need to toss the summer flowers in the pots on the porch and get some mums and pumpkins, and other little spruce up things so everything looks nice, you know, for the last time ever!  I have lots to choose from and as my middle is growing bigger each week I’ve got to get crackin because everything is getting farther and father out of reach and I am running out of weekends (4!  Just 4).  As long as my mood and energy are as good as they are today it will be great.  I’m right back in to the excitement of getting ready.  A welcome change from the mopey state I was stuck in for the better part of the week.

I’m looking forward to the hospital tour on Sunday… I think.  I wonder if like the birthing class it will make me nervous?  I have to say that I think the rules are off a bit.  Your not “allowed” to sign up for this tour until you have 6 weeks or less remaining in your pregnancy. Okay, that’s fine.  I call, get signed up and the info packet comes in the mail.  It’s a 2-hour, walking tour. 9 months pregnant, 2 hours on my feet?  Nice, can’t you see the group of us waddling around with our wide-eyed partners trailing behind?  Funny to picture, not so funny for the waddlers.  I will be sure we stop by the nursery to peak at the little ones all pink and squishy.  I’m sure that will help me forget about my barking dogs and fear of the unknown during labor, at least for a few minutes.  Note to self:  Pack tissue!

Edit: Its Saturday morning now and I am feeling great.  baby’s clothes are already washing.  Looks like I have about 4 loads now that its all sorted out.  Thats a lot of baby clothes!  I have also noticed that 80% of his pants are baby blue.


4 thoughts on “Back on track

  1. Maybe there’s a little wishful thinking on the part of the hospital… making you lovely ladies walk for two hours at a time at the very end of your pregnancies!
    Glad to hear you’re ok and that you’re getting prepared for the big day. Have fun with Baby’s room!

  2. I think that is very weird about the hospital not letting you tour until so late. But maybe there is a good reason, like mommymartin said! 🙂

    I almost envy you. Those last weeks were awesome, even with the huge belly and all the other aches and pains – the anticipation was so, so sweet.

  3. I’m glad you are feeling great! I need some of that productive energy. We (Michael) still have to finish laying the wood floors in the house (bedroom, office and nursery, paint, I still need to order the furniture, and EVERYTHING else! I don’t even want to start a list because I know it is so long. It is just so hard when Michael has to work weekends (he works every weekend, every other month).

    Our hospital tour/birthing class is the next 2 Saturdays. I thought it might be a little early but they only do it on the weekend every other month and the weekend in November Michael has to work. It is 8 hours each day and I figured that would be easier that trying to do 4 Tuesdays in a month with our crazy schedules.

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