checkin’ it twice

Well, it’s done.  The shopping is complete.  There are two items remaining on the list and they will be ordered on line later today.  Do I feel better?  No, of course not.  I just have more stuff and about 5 sheets of paper with scribbled notes and checked off items that I cant throw away yet, for some odd reason.   I am glad that I have most everything, though one item is a doosey and has been promised as a gift so I am worrying about having it in time.  It being the car seat.  *takes a deep breath-tis not a big deal*

Life at 34+ weeks pregnant is interesting.  One thing that has started is this annoying crying at the drop of a hat business.  Happy=Cry. Mad=Cry.  Little boy makes eye contact with you while driving = CRY!  I’m so over it but I can’t stop it either.  I’m not even making any excuses.  Apparently this is beyond my control.  Another thing I’m trying to get used to is the extreme appetite.  I am hungry much more often now that ever.  I sit down to eat and have room for approximately 8 bites of food.  I cant eat more, I will be sick yet I’m still starving!  I imagine this is what it feels like to have gastric bypass?  Its awful!   There is just no room for food.   This is good in the weight gain area,  I’ve only been putting one lb per week for about 6 weeks now and the dr said it will likely stop all together very soon.  That’s good news since I packed quite a bit on in the 2nd trimester.

 Speaking of Dr’s… I now have one at my practice that I hate!   Okay, it’s not his fault actually.  When I went in for my check up this week he had the nerve to mention something that you never want to hear.  “Pretty sizable head”  Yeah, that’s fantastic doc.  He then said that it’s no big deal (HE! of course HE wouldn’t think so) that his kids have big heads and his wife had 3 c-sections and she is fine.  “We’ll get him out one way or another!”  Okay at this point I’m damn near hyperventilating!  How big are we talking, and do I even want to know?  (just two weeks ago my midwife was saying he felt small!) How big does a head have to be to require a c-section?  I was breach for crying out loud and my mom still had me naturally.  Well, now that I’m all worked up again…..  I’m trying not to put to much stock into any of that.  After all its just an estimate, we didn’t see it in an ultrasound or anything.   We all will have to stay tuned for the continuation on Nugget and the Giant Head Peach.  The rest of the check up was uneventful,  pretty much the same info week after week.  We’re in the no news is good news phase.

Tomorrow morning we head off to the hospital for our birthing class.   I’m looking forward to it but Im a little nervous for it at the same time.  The following weekend we tour the hospital and then thats it.. then we wait.  What will I do when there is nothing left to do, no more lists, just me and my belly waiting….. I don’t do waiting! HA!

 The belly in all of its glory.

deer in the headlights picture of my new hair cut

I promise to update after the class… 


7 thoughts on “checkin’ it twice

  1. Don’t let the doctor scare you. From what I understand most women are capable of giving birth to larger babies than what their doctors want to give them credit for initially. Besides, he’s a man… to him, ANY size head would be terrible to have to squeeze out.
    You’ll do fine. Don’t let him scare you. What a jerk of a doctor.

  2. Firstly, I love your hair!! And secondly, seriously, what does the doctor know? ;o) You just go into it ready to do your thing, and I’m sure you’ll be fine!

  3. GAWD! Do you know how cute your tummy is??? All babies have big heads at this stage… their little bodies beef up and they are all the perfect size 🙂 Just look at it this way, big head, small head- ALL = OUCH in the end!! Love you!!!! 7 more weeks and I get to hold your little bean and hug my sissy!

  4. AHHH! Belly shots! I love it! Your hair is also amazing! The deer in the headlights is ALMOST becoming of you because you have such beautiful eyes, they’re REALLY prominent in the picture!

    Can’t wait to see more!!

  5. You look so beautiful! And some doctors are just jerks. I had one of those at my practice too, and thankfully I only had to see him that one time. And the person who said all babies have big heads is right. They do. And, you obviously come from a line of tough women, so try not to worry!

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