Retail Therapy

I know you can go shopping after the birth of a child.  Target does not close it’s doors to you because you are a new parent.  This however has not altered my baby related shopping list in any way!   I have stuff on that list of must haves prior to D-day that I won’t need for a while, such as orajel.  The kid won’t come out teething so why will I not rest until it is in the nursery, ready for the first toothache?   I’m coming up with the answers as I type this.  The half of it is I want this baby to “seem” affordable to Mike. (HAHAHA!!) If I stock up on all of this stuff in advance (read, while I’m still employed) it will hardly be noticed.  Another part is I just want to be prepared, I don’t want the baby to wake up with a fever and not have medicine (check: 2 kinds one aspirin one non) a little planning and a good list can prevent it!  You all know I love a good list! At this point in the game, a lot of the list is stuff I will need.  Gross, postpartum, everything is leaking stuff.   The baby stuff is mostly boring, more diapers, towels, white t-shirts and socks. Nothing that exciting, the only big thing to get is his infant car seat, headrest and a mirror.  I’m sure that completing this list will be several hundred dollars with all of the stuff we really do need now in addition to stuff for later but it all seems equally necessary to have it all, right now.  I think I am trying to purchase some new motherhood comfort, and I can’t wait to have no list at all. I just want to be stocked and ready.

This weekend we are off to Cleveland for what will be our last trip as a couple.  We are going to the Rock n’ Roll hall of fame and to an Indians Game. We will eat out a ton, stroll around downtown and say farewell to life, as we know it.  Cleveland isn’t exactly a destination for a babymoon but hey, it’s still time together away from real life.  So what if it’s a great lake and not the Caribbean?  Well let’s not go there but the point is this is it! Our last time to stay in bed too late and order room service, our last time to do what ever we want with out toting all of the kid stuff or calling the in-laws every 2 hours to make sure everyone is okay.  

Maybe I’m obsessed with this list because it’s the easy stuff? You can get “ready” by shopping a bit but nothing makes you ready to say a half good-bye to the lifestyle and freedom you love. No matter how excited you are for change you can’t know what it’s really going to be like.  No store will sell you the promise that the life you’ve created and the life you’re living will seamlessly mesh.  If only I could get that in the dollar spot!


5 thoughts on “Retail Therapy

  1. I definitely think shopping and the list is the easy stuff, and I’ll probably be doing the same thing when my time as a new mom finally comes along. Have a great babymoon!!

  2. I think you are smart to get all that stuff, and I’m not saying that just because I did the same thing. Target and I are in a long-term, committed relationship, but we had to break up for awhile there after the birth of Angel Face because of a store policy they have… thankfully we made up soon after and I can still buy a frozen turkey and a pair of black pants at the same time. And please enjoy that babymoon. i wish we had done that!

  3. I think you need to send some of your lists my way, I have NO CLUE what to get!

    Have fun on your trip. I’m sure you will have as much fun in Cleveland as I will in the Caribbean this weekend. =) I’ll drink a virgin daiquiri on the beach for you!

  4. Have fun on your trip, for starters.
    Secondly, don’t sweat the lists. At least you’ll be prepared. And you never know–your little one might end up being one of those babies who is too impatient to wait a while to start teething and decides to begin at 2 or 3 months old. At least, in event of something unexpected, you’ll be ready.

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