The Boot

It’s been a wired week at work.  I’m 6.5 weeks from my departure and already people are in my office with tape measures and their xm radio testing for a signal.  The person who is getting my space is out in the open now so he is understandably excited (but dude I still work here!)  to have 4 of his very own walls… granted I have no window and my view from here is of the men’s toilet and I don’t mean the rest room, I mean the toilet is looking right at me.  It’s awesome.

I just recently had the conversation about not returning after having the baby.   They asked me to tell them my decision this month and apparently they had a strong feeling that I was out since during that time they mentioned that my replacement is in the wings, just in case. A guy who worked here for 2 weeks a few years ago in customer service.  Now I’m hearing through the grapevine that my replacement is Tim , he will be here next week.  NEXT WEEK?  There are several things about this sentence that are interesting to me.  One, I wasn’t aware that a single person outside of the boss’ knew I was leaving.  Two, random employees are telling me that I am to start training him as early as Tuesday.   Third, how on earth am I supposed to keep a trainee and myself busy for 6 weeks?  None of this makes me happy or comfortable.   I don’t want to be the one to tell poor new guy Tim that this office will not be his, that another employee called “dibs.”   I have also heard that Tim has no experience.  I don’t think I have told you all what I do, have I?  I’m a vendor correspondent for a HVAC distributor.  My job has a lot of hats.  The biggest and most important hat?  Accounts Payable, for 4 locations.  Tim has no AP experience (hearsay but its all I have right now) which maybe you can get by in a small company but not one that answers to The Man- i.e. corporate on a daily basis who are also watching your every move.  This worries me, he had better have some serious checkbook balancing skillz or we are in trouble.  I’m afraid that he may not even know how to use an adding machine. I’m sure that I will have a conversation about all of this soon.  Maybe not.   This wouldn’t be the first time I have showed up at work and found someone new (HI Ashley- I swear we totally thought Charles was kidding when he said he hired a new girl!) and that worked out.   I’m also holding out for good news regarding his ability to learn this stuff.  This could make or break the rest of my time here.  I’m also a bit concerned that they may suggest that I wrap it up before my official last day.  If this guy catches on we should be good to go in about week.  It won’t be hard to tell they are paying two people to do one job.  I would love to leave sooner but I want my pay.  I just have to wait and see how it all plays out.


6 thoughts on “The Boot

  1. That must be hard! You are very lucky that you get the chance to stay home with the baby! I’ll be lucky if I get 6 weeks off (and none will be paid). Hang in there, 6 weeks will FLY by!

  2. I admire you for caring about your workplace, even though you won’t be there much longer. Some people wouldn’t. And the whole time I was reading the post, I was thinking that I hoped they weren’t trying to push you out the door too early, when I got to the part where you’re worried about that too. So let’s hope they’re not doing that together, okay?

    Hope hope hope hope hope

  3. Completely unrelated, thank you so much for your comment about the professor! You are right, I should have emailed her and asked her to explain. I’ve got an A in that class and I’m hoping it sticks after she grades my final class. This was a huge learning experience for me, I’m usually not one to make a fuss. I know now that I will be making a fuss all over the place! By the way, I love reading about the upcoming baby! eeeee!!!!

  4. Hey it’s your cousin Lisa. Long time no talk! Anyways I just had my baby (well 3 months ago) and today is my first day back to work. There is no way I am staying here after being at home for 3 months with my little one and watched her grow so fast so quickly. I couldn’t imagine working full time and missing that. My only word of advice to you is to say you are coming back. If you are using medical benifits from your work then they will cut them off if you quit and if you don’t end up coming back they will make you pay back the premiums. I had double coverage and lucky too since I had a major complication requiring surgery and another 3 days of hospital stay…and ended up not paying a cent! Send me an e-mail so we can chat about all of this new mommy stuff!

    p.s. I used to read this everyday at work and laugh about some of the same experiences we had. Now I am catching up on your last three months. Good luck when the big day comes!

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