8 Months

Last Thursday we made the drive to NC in 9 hours with plenty of annoying completely avoidable drama.  If your driving somewhere with a stretch of parkway that includes toll’s.  Count your change before you leave!  My word, we stopped at 5 consecutive exits looking for an ATM machine for ONE dollar, we were $1 short and it took a nice chunk of time for us to get that buck.  We did make it and my back did surprisingly well.  It was a fairly comfortable drive from the passenger seat since Mike did all of the driving the entire trip.   The weekend was perfect! I saw my long lost hairdresser, oh how I have missed her!  I finally have a good hair cut, even if it did remove my oh-so handy built in back fat cover up. We saw our family of friends and the baby shower was awesome!  We had a great turn out and a lot of fun catching up with everyone and receiving so many heart felt well wishes.  It was everything I hoped the trip would be.  We are so lucky to have so many people care about us; I guess having a baby helps you to realize that.  The generosity humbles me.  People who love you equal one well-dressed baby!  I can’t wait to share the photos of Nugget in his new clothes! If I can get my self to the basement fairly easily after he is born you all are going to tire of baby pictures!  

This week I had two Dr appts.  One PT, one OB.  Physical therapy was good; we didn’t do much in the way of actual therapy while I was there.  I was measured and had lots of hands on bone stuff and flexibility checking. Basically I lie on the table while she put my body in all sorts of contortions.  What she found was the left side of my pelvis is out of whack.  It should be facing the right and parallel, it is not it’s at a harsh angle and pointed toward the floor.  This is resulting in my lower tailbone pain; the side that is out of alignment is throwing my back off and causing it to curve.  I have a handful of exercises and stretches to do daily as I try and encourage it back into place.  None of it is painful or hard it actually seems too easy.  I go back once a week for a check and to decide if any new moves need added.   It’s been a few days and I don’t feel a difference yet.   The back exercise is good though, it helps the aching so I have been doing more of those than she recommended because it feels good.  Hopefully that will be okay?

My OB appointment was with a Mid Wife this time.  I love her; she is whom I want at the receiving end of this deal when the day comes. (I can’t choose, I will get who is on call)   We talked about the big day and what I’m in for, and I told her about hoping to go natural.  She was so supportive and encouraging I wanted to hug her.  We discussed the need for more support during labor as a result of this and I asked about nurse shift changes, the dr not coming until its time to catch the baby, etc.  She told me a few things I didn’t know, one being that unless I have a scheduled c-section I wont see any of the Obs from our office.  I will have one midwife from the beginning thru birth, and they will be more available than a dr or a nurse.  That was great to hear as I had been wondering if hiring a Doula was necessary.  I know it couldn’t’t hurt but I feel better knowing that I will have a midwife when I need her.  I do know that while Mike will be there to hold my hand I will want someone who knows what is going on there for me too.   The checkup part was great as well.  As usual Nugget was anti heart rate.  I have the same nurse check me in each week and she knows me by my stubborn boy!  This time took longer than usual but she made sure she got a real count this week since my last 2 appointments have been on the guestimate side.   My BP is still good, up another 2 lbs; fundus height was 32 (while she was trying to measure me, he stuck his butt way up and created a mound- she pushed him down – he popped back up- this kid does not want to be messed with!) (I am in so much trouble!)   While feeling him she mentioned that he seems small, not unhealthy just not a big baby.  I hope she is right but from the looks of me I don’t know.  It was a great visit.  I never expected to enjoy my check ups but the staff at this office just rock!  If I can take this level of comfort with me into delivery I think I will be in a really good mindset.  

I wish there was a way to get Mike ready, he is pretty nervous.  I think the class will help me but I think it’s going to scare the pants off him.  I told him that we will watch real births; he asked if he can leave the room.   He is a strong guy, not a wimp or one that can’t stand the sight of blood but this isn’t a day in the Red Cross blood mobile.  Neither of us knows how he is going to do, but as long as he is there to hold my hand I don’t care which side of the equator he is on.  I do hope that he can see past the anatomy and find the beauty in something visually disturbing.    

Work has been good/okay.  I had the big talk with my boss about not returning and when my last day will be (birth not withstanding) Oct. 12.  A few days before my due date of the 17th but I’m sure I will loose focus by then.  My replacement should be here before that so there is no reason for me to hobble in here any longer than I have too.  I’m so excited about leaving I may make a chain!  35 days.  35 days is fantastic but even more so is I only have 2 more month-ends to survive!  I will not miss that!  Actually, I would really have to think to come up with anything I will miss.  Pretty good sign that I’m making the right decision.


3 thoughts on “8 Months

  1. Thanks for the update. I also delivered at a hospital where you got who was on call. I ended up with the nicest doctor.

    We went to a “class” and ended up getting kicked out with another couple because we couldn’t stop laughing. Oops.

  2. Where are the pictures of the new haircut? 🙂
    We did the class too – they say that you make friends for life in childbirth class. Not us. We made lots of jokes to each other, especially during the parts where we tried birthing positions (you’ll see) but didn’t actually get kicked out (HA!). Good luck!

  3. Hi! I just got here! Traffic was bad! Good luck with the birth of the baby. My first one scared the crap out of me, because you really don’t know what to expect. Everything turned out fine and I loved the delivery more than the actual pregnancy. By the time you are ready to deliver, you aren’t going to care who catches the baby. You will care about the pediatrician though, so that’s where you need to put your focus! 🙂

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