The Elephant, she never forgets

I was thinking today of some of the hilarious things that Mike has said since the coming of Nugget.  Here are just a few that I remember, verbatim.

The night we took the pregnancy test.  As excited as we both are we still have the deer in the headlight look on our faces.  He says. “This is a LOT bigger deal than just getting married, you can get out of that.”

At the breakfast table, just an hour out from our first ultrasound.  I’m beside myself with excitement.  He smiles and looks over at me.  “Big day today, first day of March Madness” I reply, “yeah that and getting to see your unborn first child!”  “Well yeah, that too.”

This past weekend in the car.  We are talking about how exciting it will be to see what the baby looks like.  “He’s cute, I already know it,” I tell him.  He replies, ” I just can’t picture what he will look like part you part me I can’t put it together”. “He’s cute, trust me” Mike: “I hope so, for all we know he could be ass ugly.”


6 thoughts on “The Elephant, she never forgets

  1. I love men! They’re so cute how they think and say things. Ricky’s the same way–he’s got a clumsy tongue and nothing ever comes out the way he means it.
    Just don’t forget these, so one day you can throw them out there for Nugget to enjoy.

  2. Nice. I love this one: He says. “This is a LOT bigger deal than just getting married, you can get out of that.”

    But from a Man’s perspective, I can definitely see what he means. I am not saying I agree with it (sorry Mike), I am just saying I see the point–it’s at least an 18 year commitment–for guys our age, that’s like 1/2 of your life + 5 years — which is a long time.

    And it i think of my parents or their parents, it’s like a 60+ year commitment. Both my grandma’s are still alive (89 and 94 yrs old) and to think they still spew advise, tell it like it is, and still have children. I mean, I have been with Gator for 10 years and had the same watch since 2000, and my pathy-finder since 96….but that sure isn’t 60 years….okay, back to work. We’re moving into a larger office and i need to get on the phone with vendors,

    Uncle Laz (not a real uncle to anyone yet)

  3. Boys are very silly. Nugget wil be very cute, even if he is going to turn into one of those silly boys one day =).

  4. When my best friend was in labor with her first baby, her husband was calling me to give periodic updates, so I could pass them along to everyone else. At one point he informed me that she was “almost big enough to have the baby.” I had to translate that as her being almost fully dilated.

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