The update that didn’t

Nothing is going on around here.  At all.  Just me, waddling to and fro, to fridge, fro bathroom.   Really, even I’m bored.  I have read that there is a “boring phase” to pregnancy and this is it.    We are mostly ready for Nugget but we have to wait, it’s sort of like being at the DMV. You’ve set the alarm for early Saturday to get there as it opens, hoping to avoid the rush.  You arrive and pull # 465,879 and they are currently serving  # 8.  I’ve settled into my hard plastic seat for the long haul.  At least my reward for this will be better than a new license with a gawd awful picture.

My first physical therapy appointment is Monday morning.  I was a little put off by the idea of needed therapy, am I that bad at being pregnant?  Maybe but I have great health insurance so I’m going to take any help offered and not worry about it.   I am looking forward to it now.   It is perfect timing too.  We head to NC later this week and unlike our last visit, we are driving so I should be good and messed up come Monday morning after a 8 hour trip the day before, add sleeping in a different bed 3 nights running.   I am very excited about the trip.  The drive, not so much.  We would fly but after my last shower getting the loot home in a suitcase was a gigantic challenge so having our car just makes the most since.  

I really can’t wait to see everyone!  Our last trip was really fast and this one will be too but the party will allow us to spend much more time together.  Plus, it’s going to be the last time I see most of them for a really long time.  I don’t know when we will go back once the baby is here and with many of them having their own kids they can just drop everything to come see us either.  I plan on making this trip count!  To try and take it all in and enjoy every moment with them and see if we cant squeeze in a few hush puppies and if I’m really lucky, fried green tomatoes! I think driving away this time will feel even more final that it did last September, not so much a so long for now but more of goodbye.   That hurts all over again…..


4 thoughts on “The update that didn’t

  1. Ooo, hush puppies and fried green tomatoes! Good eats!
    Be safe on your trip. Did you clear it with your doctor first?
    This last part of pregnancy is boring, but at least you’re down in the single-digit weeks. Only 9 more!

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