30 Weeks

We are moving right along.  I love going for my checkups but today’s was especially great.  I only gained 2 lbs!   For those keeping track, at this stage the baby gains approx. half a pound per week so that puts me at about a 1 lb gain and that could easily be the fluid in my feet.  Seriously, being 7.5 months along during a heat wave? Not pretty!   Dr even checked my feet without my mentioning them while asking how I’m doing with it. Fine really, it is hot but its not NC hot.  Everything is still checking out perfectly.  I got my results of my glucose tolerance test and it was normal, I don’t know why I worry so much.  My blood pressure is great 100/60 so no sign of any trouble there.  Nugget’s measurement was a little off, he was at 32 (2 centimeters over) but because of his position the Dr said it didn’t count, he was sort of cockeyed not up and down so that throws it off a bit. She tried to move him a little and as soon as she stopped he went right back to where he was.  She just put her hands on her hips and said, “Look at that!”  Yes, he’s stubborn I told her.  He is totally over having his heart rate checked, last time he kicked the Doppler off, today he just kept moving away from it, I don’t know if they are really getting a good reading at this point but we can hear it and he’s so active he is clearly fine. He could be a little too much like me, easily annoyed.  If his own heartbeat gets on his nerves…   He is probably going to be a stinker; he is proving time and time again that he won’t be told what to do (hmm, also like Mom) (YIKES!).   I am awaiting a call from a prenatal physical therapist. My hip and back are officially a problem, no longer just a minor inconvenience.  She said it will help a bit but also reminded me that as he grows it will worsen so it’s best to start working with it now to try and keep it bearable.  I hope I can start right away any relief will be welcome. I can deal and for the frillion’th time, it is worth it! Don’t feel sorry for me, I’m still beaming with happiness.
So now for the fun stuff. This is us tonight… umm WOW! Im suprised at this one, I see myself everyday but this puts it in a new light.

Nuggets Room!  I’m so in love with it, all of his bedding just came tonight and I could not wait to get it put together.  I may call in sick tomorrow and just stare at it all.  These pictures are all perfectly centered, this format keeps chopping the right side off! 

Not pictured..I have the initial of Nuggets actual first Name on the floor- it normally hangs between the windows- it is white- and totally cute!  Aren’t I a brat? 

Here is the somewhat organized half of his closet that I also think is cute, but I have issues!  I guess I just love that we are getting there in terms of stuff we need and things to entertain him with.

I mentioned that Im on the lookout for a Halloween outfit or costume.  Can you even imagine how pissed off my kid would be if I put him in this at 1-2 weeks old?  I wont but HOW CUTE!

That’s it… hope you’ve not had it up to here with all these baby updates.


7 thoughts on “30 Weeks

  1. It’s actually kinda fun seeing someone who’s due about the same time as me going through so many of the same things, especially emotionally.
    His room is looking so cute! I wish I could get mine together so well.
    Keep taking care of yourself. I look forward to the next update.

  2. I love his room. It’s so cute and perfect, just like he will be. Can’t wait to meet him. See you next weekend!!!!

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the room!!! Ohhh and can I just say that my sister has the perfect pregnant belly??? I am not sure if I hate you for this or not… I will get back to you on that! Love you!

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