Just my Luck

I make a point not to talk smack about Mike but this is different!  When you send your husband away on business you don’t consider that one of the lectures he is going to attend over the course of his trip is on WEIGHT GAIN DURING PREGNANCY! *  Come on! Just what I need is an expert in the house.  He told me at my 9 week appt when I came into the room and announced that I was up a total of 7 lbs “you know the American pediatrics blah-d-blah recommends you gain 5 or less in your first trimester” (Where on earth did he learn that?) Heavy sigh!  Now don’t get the wrong idea.  He does not say a word to me when I’m eating ice cream or get fries instead of a salad.  When I do whine about the weight he calmly reminds me I’m pregnant and look good.  So he’s not my pregnancy hall monitor by any means.  However, just because he’s sweet and supportive does not mean I want him so damn educated!    He knows how much I have gained but now he’s aware of how much is “okay” to gain.  Thank goodness I had a few real life examples of people we know who blew the standard 25-35 out of the water, had healthy babies and then lost the weight.   That helped, it helps me too! I’m not up there yet but I am pretty sure I will surpass it myself before all is said and done.

*Topic of the lecture was actually focused on birth weigh in relation to gestational gain.  He still walked away with enough to be dangerous in regard to my own climb up the scale.  It’s findings were underweight women tend to have underweight infants while overweight women don’t necessarily deliver heavy ones.  If you were interested.


3 thoughts on “Just my Luck

  1. Husbands are adorable, aren’t they? Usually I just let Ricky worry…I figure, this is his first, and I gotta let him get involved whatever way he can.
    A few posts back you mentioned not knowing the results of your gestational diabetes test. Did you ever find out?

  2. Ha ha, that’s pretty funny. Now he’s armed with all SORTS of information 🙂 And the correlation (or lack thereof) between underweight/overweight women and their babies is actually pretty interesting.

  3. I used to say that I’d let Dave worry about my weight gain when he was the one who was pregnant. I gained 37 pounds and it all (eventually) came off.

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