7 Months

I had my 28-week check up on Wednesday and it was another good one.  I haven’t heard back regarding my blood work for the diabetes screen, which doesn’t mean anything yet, as they told me 3-5 days.  I went in with a list of questions this week, one of which is how big is this kid?  I am starting to wonder if all of these people are right and I am packing a little line backer in there.  Dr measured and my fundus height was exactly 28 centimeters, which is right on, it should be equal to my number of weeks.  He said that I’m just going to look farther along because of my short torso, everyone carries differently, just deal with it and “stop listening to all of those idiots.”   I should, I already knew that was true, will try.

Nugget was stubborn for the nurse.  Clearly wanting to sleep and be left alone, he squirmed like mad when she went for his heart rate but stayed patient and followed him around.  Finally he stayed put, she began her count and BAM- he kicked the doppler right off my belly.  “Okay, okay your in there and your obviously fine” she said and moved on.  We were both laughing, little stinker.  I assume he could hear the machine as it was on the counter right next to my belly.  He has been reacting to loud noise for about a week now, jumping when the dog barks and once when a co-worker sneezed close to me.     So everything else is fine, B/P, etc.   I signed up for birthing classes and was told it’s time to schedule the hospital tour and start looking into a pediatrician.  The end, it is near!

I hope everyone is wrong and the next 11.5 weeks don’t slow to a snails pace.  I say that for a few reasons, one being my comfort level is declining and I know that the worst is yet to come.  The other is I just can’t wait for him to be here.  Mike and I have lots of weekend activities planned so that should help time pass a bit and also allow us to spend some really good time together while we are still a party of 2.  We were talking on the way into work one day this week and I was expressing my excitement and he told me that we are not ready.  “We don’t have a car seat or a stroller or diapers or sheets. When are we going to get all of that stuff?”  I laughed, since when was he keeping track of supplies? I assured him that 11 weeks is ample time to get the other things we need and not to worry.  He still seems worried.  Sounds a little like a shopping permission slip to me, he should worry more about that.

I am trying to enjoy every bit of this time before October arrives, with Mike and with Nugget inside safe and sound.  Trying not to wish my life away and fast forward to the day he is ready to come out and meet us.  Even so, I can’t help but imagine our new life with him.  I know most everything will be different but the best kind of different we can hope for.  The kind of different that fills your day dreams for 10 months, the kind that wets your eyes with fear, anticipation and joy.

82 days baby, please don’t make me wait longer than 82 days.  You hear that? He’s laughing at me right now, he’s in charge and he already knows it.  We’re doomed, and we love it!  He knows that too.

Here we are, enjoying our favorite seat in the house.


5 thoughts on “7 Months

  1. Great to hear that everything is going perfectly! Try and enjoy the last 11 weeks, both from a pregnancy point of you, and from the fact that this is the last time it’ll be just you and Mike doing what you want, when you want for a long time! Oh, and you’re looking gorgeous, as always…

  2. I actually (gulp) miss being pregnant. I miss feeling her move around inside of me like that, I miss the anticipation, knowing that my life will never be the same again and I can point to the month when that change will happen. Pregnancy is so cool like that. You do look gorgeous, where do you get your maternity clothes?

  3. So my friend Jamie told me to come over here and read, because a lady asked me if I was carrying TWINS yesterday.. when I said no, she said that my due date must be wrong because I was HUGE. Why do women say that?!

    Anyway, here’s your daily dose of: You look amazing. Especially for seven months along. Seriously. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  4. You look so cute!! The time will fly by and Nugget will be here before you know it. Hey, if someone told you to get shopping – GET SHOPPING!!! That is the best kind of “field trip” that you need a permission slip for!

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