Without Words

Alright,  so tell me.  Who here has a parent or really anyone they know that would go this far to be funny?

I told you all I fell down a few days ago and that it was both hysterical and painful.  Okay no big deal,  baby is fine no harm done. 

 I come home from the gym tonight to find a package on my door step, from Dad.  Next day air?  Why, what could be so important?   Ya’ll look what he sent me!

Yeah, it’s a try of freshly made rice krispy treats!  How freaking funny is he?  And sweet is my Step Mom who had to have made them in a hurry as soon as he realized his genius?  I swear, I laughed SO hard when I opened these.  I can hardly take it…. then I calmed down and ate one.

Thanks Dad and Sue, aside from side splitting it was really thoughtful.  Love you both!


6 thoughts on “Without Words

  1. I “heart” your dad…what a great surprise!
    Only a few more weeks baby…fresh salsa perhaps?

  2. Now that’s a gift!!! He’s protecting you and the baby by eliminating a reason for you to travel through your jungle of an office to retrieve the much sought after “treat”.

  3. Thats awesome! I tried to make some last night and ended up dumping them all on the ground when my dog got it the way I was trying to avoid dumping them on her. I didn’t have it in me to try a second time after that.

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