Me in 10 Seconds

Zoot did this today and invited others to join her.  This will probably only be interesting to my friends inside the box but I’m doing it anyway cause’ I like my box’d  peeps!  You all can do it too, in the comments or at you own herhangout digs.  I am going to try and do only things you don’t already know.  Like, husband, baby, dog, suburbs.  Blah- am boring!  Also, typically long winded I’m sure this will be more than 10 seconds which blows the whole idea out of the water, doesn’t it?
Have a great weekend everyone!

My neighbors may think we are squatters.  Our lawn is kept but my flowerbeds are a mess. Everything is either dead or overgrown.  Its so overwhelming I don’t know where to begin so I just weed, and weed.  It needs color!

I thought I was totally into DIY but I’m learning in this house that if I can’t fix it with a drill, a paintbrush or a lawn mower I need the yellow pages.

I believe if you do not do politics, they will do you!  

I’m the oldest of 4 girls, our age difference and my parents divorce pretty much make Nugget my 3rd child.  I hope he likes me more than my first two kids.

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.  I hope my Mommy shoes are a good fit.

I’m into being as healthy as I can be.  If there are 3 doughnuts in the house, I eat them.  I work at balance it does not come naturally.  Pregnancy has thrown a very large wrench at this balance.

Last year I completed training for a 10 K but chickened out and didn’t run the race.  Favorite training music, Beastie Boys.

I was bridezilla!  I choose my BM dresses and purchased them without the girls even seeing them in person, much less try them on.   I can’t believe I did that! It was an out of body experience, I am so sorry.

I have a stomach condition called Acid Peptic Disease.  My OB’s have never heard of it, every day I hope my med’s are not deep fat frying my Nugget.

I wore braces for 3 years; I got them off 18 years ago and still wear my retainers.

I spoon with a bulldog during prime-time TV.  I’m not sure who enjoys it more.

My junk drawer is organized.

I make chains when a vacation or big event is approaching. Okay, so no earth shattering confessions or anything… your turn.


3 thoughts on “Me in 10 Seconds

  1. Gulp. I never wore my retainer. And the space between my front teeth came back to prove it.

    Also – love the Beasties, will now steal the chains idea, my flowerbeds are also a disaster, which is really a shame because the previous owners had them looking pretty spiffy and if my husband would let the beagles on the couch, they would totally be my spooners. But he doesn’t.

  2. hmmmm….I secertly pray every night that my two children will some how sleep until noon.
    If I owned a Candy store, it would be no more. Profit would be out the window.
    I fear that I am “grown up” and this is what I am. There is still that dream of a floral shop that may never be realized.
    My older sister is my best friend no matter how far away she lives.
    Thats all I got in 10 seconds.
    Love you,

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