Sad excuse for an Update

I’ve been sleeping a lot in the evening this week so this is all I have! 

Today is the day I have been holding my breath for.  July 19th!  Mike’s summer obligation is complete today.  I get my husband back.
My dining room decorating project is well underway.  There is some work remaining and it needs a few accessories to complete but it is going to be fantastic! 

My friends in NC have set the date for my shower, now I’m trying to decide how to deal with the time off at work.  I’m out of vacay but I have plenty of sick time, do you tell your boss your using sick in advance or just call in the day of??  Oh I’m so not good with lying about being ill but this boss of mine will deny time off like you asked for a bite of her sandwich.

Looking very forward to the trip to NC, the 7 hr drive in this pregnant shell of myself, not so much. 

Still worried about my Dr appointment next week.  I have this gestational diabetes cloud over my head…. Is it the fear of giving up chocolate cake or is it because my sister is diabetic?  Both, I think. 
The list of stuff to do before Nugget is here is not getting much shorter. I have to get cracking on the physical labor stuff ASAP; some of it is going to be a lot harder on me now.  I wish I had done more of the big jobs first.   

I want a Scooba, the Roomba for hard floors that sweeps AND mops all by itself.   The dog/cat hair tumbleweeds that form 37 seconds after I sweep the floors are maddening.  I can think of no less than 5 other things I could buy with that $300.  I’m already over it.   

We are finally getting rain!  The grass is coming back to life; we may actually get to mow it this month.  It’s been about 7 weeks since it has needed it. ‘ realized this morning while looking out on the deck watching the rain, that fall is the perfect time to have this baby.  The weather will be crummy and I will probably just want to stay in anyway.  I actually get to and I will have the sweetest little cuddle partner to keep me company!
It’s time to sign up for birthing class and find a pediatrician.  Any opinions on lactation classes?

 I might have gone into the nursery the other night and put baby lotion on my hands and then spent the rest of the night smelling them.

Another jerk at work asked how much longer and when I said 3 months had the pair to ask if it’s twins and then added, “You’re huge!”  Dude, don’t you think I would have mentioned that if it were?  And thanks by the way, how sweet of you to notice.


3 thoughts on “Sad excuse for an Update

  1. You are not alone with the dog hair tumbleweeds….they appear seconds after I’ve spent the day sweeping, swiffering, and vacuuming…

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