I typically do the belly shot the first day of the new month, so this is a week in advance.  I decided to post it today because, it’s got its own zip code now, I don’t have any streach marks (yet) and it’s been a few weeks since I mentioned how we are doing.   So here I am tonight, 26wks 6 days.  My sincere apologies for not cleaning the mirror first, I considered re-taking them but I’d have to go all the way back upstairs and get dressed.

I’m definitely over the honeymoon phase in many ways.  I have one week until I am officially in my 3rd trimester so I suppose it’s “time” to come to an end.

I’m back to needing a nap now and then on the weekends after being busy, my feet and back are both pretty intolerant of much shopping, cleaning, cooking etc.  My tailbone pain never goes away now, it used to be fine until mid morning after recovering over night but no longer.  My hips are doing okay for now, knock on wood.  My newest issue is my ribs.  My uterus is now high enough that they have started to spread and that is really  uncomfortable, by the end of the work day I’m squeezing them back in toward each other.  Thankfully he’s not kicking under them yet.   Nugget seems to be most comfortable laying across my belly rather than head up/down so I get lots of action on my sides which is sort of funny when he kicks me in the arm.  I’m feeling pregnant all the time, as in I am constantly aware of my shape and size.  No activity goes unaffected, I have had to rearrange some things on my desk so I can reach them.  The bowls on the 3rd shelf have been moved to the 2nd.  This is all sort of funny to me, squatting to pick things up with my knees apart to make room for the belly. The biggest challenge of late is adapting my favorite pain relieving yoga poses but I am getting the hang of that too.  It all becomes second nature so quickly.  I can hardly remember what life was like with a flat stomach.  Don’t get me wrong, I still want it back! For now though, I just love the “bump” and having him with me all day long.

I bought a new pillow this weekend that is literally the size of my husband but its really  helping me sleep!   I wish I had done that a few weeks ago when I started sleeping with a folded up towel propped under my belly.  Actually now that I mention that it could be the reason my hips are not currently bothering me? 

Last Thursday I started having braxton hicks!  I was very doubtful that’s what was actually going on so I asked a co-worker with a 3 year old, “I thought they came toward the end” I said.  “You are toward the end.”  She’s right!  13 weeks to go, I can hardly believe it and I can hardly wait!


8 thoughts on “Uncovered

  1. 13 weeks huh? Seems like yesterday we got the call. Can’t wait to see you in exactly one month…don’t pop before then.

    love ya lots.

  2. You look great! You are all baby! Enjoy this special time feeling your baby move and grow. It goes by way too quickly.

    Regarding Braxton Hicks, they say you actually have them throughout your entire pregnancy (starting at wk 6), but only start to feel them towards the end. With Adam (2nd baby) I started to feel them in the 2nd tri-mester. It’s such a strange feeling to have your entire belly stiffen up and then relax.

  3. Just caught up my reading and I have tears in my eyes. I am so excited to see, at least, pictures of this little nugget. I feel so blessed. Love you so much and will pray time brings you closer.

  4. The body pillow is my favorite gift to give newly pregnant friends. it was my BEST FRIEND from week 16 on.

    And I STILL love it. But I also love sleeping on my stomach again.

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