The “t” word

I’m over it.  If one more person follows up “when are you due”  with “are you sure its not twins?” I’m going to cry.  I realize that my belly is large, and maybe even larger than the average woman for this stage?  I cannot control this people; I’m a small woman with a very short torso.  The only place for this baby to go is out.   Sure, I have my own concerns pertaining to his size and how long this little guy is going to be stuck in there after he runs out of room but I am not the first short woman ever to gestate.  Okay?  I need a t-shirt that reads “Just One” and maybe the back could read. ” DON’T touch my belly!”  What is with that? I don’t mind true friends and family, in fact I welcome it but strangers?  NO!  It happened for the first time on the plane out to Washington last week.  I hope the woman felt me flinch and took note.  Then at work this week a (male) customer came up to me in my office while I was at my desk, reached under my arm as I was typing to give it a rub.  You’re are turning me into that pregnant lady. I do understand why people want to touch it, miracle of life blah, blah, blah… but is not your permission slip to touch someone when you otherwise couldn’t get away with it.    Maybe I could just get one shirt that would cover all of this?   Moody!  
p.s. Nugget is measuring right on target, so far.   I’m sort of terrified by how big he could get by d-day… Mike is 5’7″ but was 10 lbs at birth.  


3 thoughts on “The “t” word

  1. I have a friend who’s pregnant right now (due in September) and she’s getting the same kind of comments. She’s not that big either. I think people just feel like they have to say something, and it oftens ends up being something stupid. And what kind of wacky people go around touching stranger’s bellies? Weird!

  2. They are just jealous that they don’t have a bodacious buddah baby belly. I got the same thing when I was pregnant with my daughter. I think the glare-of-death that I gave them told them that no, it was a singleton and not twins. And if another person pats your tummy without permission, I suggest you pinch their butt.

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