4:03 pm:  I just kicked my shoes off and put my feet up, sat back with my head resting on the chair and both hands are over my belly.  I’m exhausted, I know I look it…

Enter co-worker from across the hall.

“Holy Shit how many weeks to go?

“15”  I answer.

“Holy Shit”

Exit co-worker

3 thoughts on “Eloquence

  1. A soul of few words, obviously! I know it seems like it will never be time, but it will, I promise. In the mean time, at least the little rugrats are easier to take care of inside your belly than out.

  2. When I was about 25 weeks along, my husband said he couldn’t imagine me getting any bigger … I did. It wasn’t comfortable. But still awesome and worth it and do-it-againable.

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