I’m back from my trip home for a family visit and the baby shower.  My word am I worn out.  Traveling always takes a toll with the 3 hr time change but this trip its been a touch worse.  Add that to the fact that I slept with my nephew for 4 nights.  I’m so grateful that I planned it the way I did, I worked today and have tomorrow off.  Not bad.  The trip could have been longer, it went way too fast.  I was back home before I knew it.

It was fantastic.  I saw lots of family and friends and had a blast with C & E my 2.5 yr old nephew and 11 month old niece.  I can’t imagine how much I will love Nugget since I am absolutely infatuated with these two!  C was so sweet, he very much understands what is going on with Auntie, he was always checking out the belly feeling it and kissing it before he carefully replaces my top to insure that I’m sufficiently covered up.

 The party was great!  I typically hate any kind of shower game,  I find them pretty lame.  Heidi assured me that she had a few that I would like so I told her to go for it.  They were so fun, I really think everyone had a good time.  Good food, good company and  nice to have the time to catch up with everyone, though it felt like I did most of the talking about us rather than getting the scoop with all of my guests.  It was so good to be home for a few days, away from real life playing with the kids and hanging out. 

The shower got a huge start on our supply needs as well as sweet soft little outfits!  His dresser now has clothes in every drawer and the closet is about half full.  Unpacking last night was too fun.  I actually can’t wait to do all of the laundry so it ‘s all ready.     I have to give huge credit to my 3 sisters-in-law.  These three know me so well,  I always love everything they get me.  The shower was no exception.  They choose a fantastic diaper bag (and filled it with great goodies including the most stylish burp-cloths ever).   I had one style in mind but was afraid it was too small so I was putting it off until I had made up my mind.  Two of the three of  them already have young kids so I’m assuming that I was right as they choose one with more room and overall function. I LOVE it- it is perfect, lots of compartments and two strap options. 

Heidi and I. 

Tomorrow I am using my day off to run to Babies R Us, again.  I have some gift cards burning a hole in my pocket.  I have a feeling that I will soon be laughing at how much room this stuff is really going to take,  we have just begun with the necessity’s and I’m already surprised.  I scaled the registry back a bit this evening, trying to cut out some of the stuff that was just cute and not that useful.  While my next shower is in August we’ll see how much of it I buy myself before then as its pretty much my own shopping list now.    I will try to stick to said list tomorrow and not end up picking up the random stuff that seems to jump in my cart.  HA- we’ll see.   Then, I’m taking a nap.


4 thoughts on “Whirlwhind

  1. I agree, that is an adorable picture of you and the little one. I love that diaper bag and I’m glad your shower went so well!

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