Busy bee

My weekend was once again,  ridiculously productive.  I seem to spend every spare minute of the work week planning my to-do list.  I’ve always been a list maker but this is a little different.  There’s a deadline, and it is sort of a now or never feeling behind it all.  If I don’t get the dining room painted,  those hideous shrubs replaced, the windows cleaned I won’t have another chance for who knows how long.  I love to decorate, it’s really the  hobby I enjoy most (collecting shoes aside) so I have this urgency to get the house done.  I wont be totally finished,  I know that our living room will still be empty when Nugget is born.  That room has never been high (enough for me) on the list as Mike finds it completely useless and “may as well be a play room”  right, every wife wants her formal living room to be covered in ABC foam floor tiles.  The living room isn’t on the official list, I know better!

Each weekend my list gets a little shorter.  This time I painted the baby’s room and hung all of the framed prints, and checked off some other items on the less exciting list of “needs”  like tiny blue hangers, new hardware for the broken roller shade, etc.  It is adorable!  Not too babyish, not too grown up it is just as I pictured in my head.  I can’t stay out of there, I spent a good hour this morning after it was all cleaned up just looking at it. It’s not finished yet, I haven’t ordered the crib set and there are a few other things it needs but it is getting there.  

We had a huge setback earlier this week.  Our siding went up and our landscaping, down!  The team that was here for two days didn’t even notice there were flowers underfoot.  My entire house has flowerbeds around the perimeter and 90% of it all is dead now.  They hacked up my raspberry bushes, trampled the herb garden and ground all of the other flowering plants into the dirt.  Our contractor came out to survey the damage Friday night and agreed that this was extensive enough for compensation.  I’m awaiting his idea of compensation.  Add to that frustration our A/C crapped out on a 90′ day.   When our service tech came out it happened to be in perfect working order but the siders flipped the main breaker (located in some box outdoors that I didn’t know existed) so no big deal, outside the fee for a service call.   The house itself looks outstanding!  The roof and the siding colors are so complimentary it looks like a new house.    We have a good week or two left before it’s all done as our shutters and window screens are still on order but we are mostly finished.  No more people pounding and wandering around the yard until 9pm.

So, all and all I am using this “honeymoon trimester” to the best of my ability.  I can’t wait until this coming weekend to get back to work.  I will also be shopping for an outfit for my upcoming shower, you all remember how my last shopping trip went!  This trip will not include Target.  Wish me luck 🙂

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