I went down fighting!

Mike won this one.  You can only argue so much when it is the right thing to do.  We are now the proud owners of a stinking fire extinguisher! Ugh!  Additionally, the god forsaken carbon monoxide/natural gas detector has been plugged back in.  I hate that thing, for the first 3 nights I had dreams that it was going off.  Not that dying in my sleep is a good alternative but my husband is a safety freak.

 Aside from the aforementioned boring business I had a really great weekend.  I ran off for an afternoon to shop for Mr. Nugget and register.  I had a blast, all the while trying to maintain a balance between items needed and the pure and utter greed that can come over one when you have the all mighty scanner.  I did go a tad overboard, scanning every device known to baby to keep it as entertained as possible.  Activity mat, bouncer, swing, excersauser, jumperoo.  All of it, and you know what?  I take some comfort in thinking I will have a safe place to put him in various places in the house so I went for it, scanning away with complete abandon.  Then again, if I am lucky enough to receive two of them I will be thrilled.  The act of choosing things for him got me so excited for his arrival.  I’m just beside myself.  I got him a few t-shirts, all very boyish.  One has a robot, another reads bug inspector, and the third, a dump truck.  I also got him his first baseball which Mike loved, it’s a teether and a rattle in one but a baseball nonetheless.

Mike hadn’t said he preferred one over the other but I did catch him checking out infant gear on the Cub’s website.  He later admitted to looking for a jersey with the nuggets chosen name, nothing available in infant sizes. (don’t try to use that as a clue you will not figure it out)

 I awoke at about 3:30 this morning, it was the first time his movements have stirred me out of sleep.  I instinctively placed my hand where I felt him, then questioned it.  My pulse is much stronger these days as your blood supply increases 40% during pregnancy.  You can see it thumping away on nearly every body part.   I thought for a minute it was just me I was feeling.  It wasn’t, he had the hiccups!  I fell back asleep rather quickly.  I can’t wait until he gets them again and I’m awake for it.  This part people try to tell you about.  How amazing it is to feel another life inside of you, you nod and smile but you can’t understand.   Heidi gave me the perfect analogy the other day, you can talk all day long about it but until you feel it you don’t know.  She said,  “its like trying to describe red to a blind man”.  It sure sounds nice, but it ends there.  I tell you what, if things don’t get real difficult toward the end I’m going to want to do this over and over again.  Maybe more times than the 2 we have planned.  I’ve come along way since week 7 when I would have put money on this little man being an only child.  Maybe too far?


5 thoughts on “I went down fighting!

  1. I am so happy for you that everything is going so good! Reading your posts gives me hope, I was just thinking last night the maybe this will be the only one! LOL

  2. If we could afford it, I would have a passel of kids. I hated most of pregnancy, but the stage you’re at now… it’s awesome.

    Good move on the carbon monoxide detector. When I was eight months pregnant, ours started going off and we thought it was broken. NOPE – crack in the furnace. Awesome. And inexpensive. But necessary.

    I think registering is one of the greatest ideas anyone ever had and Bah to anyone who thinks its greedy. It’s practical!

  3. I just checked out your registry. Nice choices although the rectal thermom looks a bit brutal :-). Now, when is this shower? Am I invited? Aunties give the best gifts, so don’t count me out. Enjoy choosing his clothes while you can. I have to give Prince Gabriel three outfit options everyday and he never goes for the the cute Gymboree one. I keep slipping it in everyday though.

  4. Wait for a few overloaded diapers, stain-causing food thrown on the carpet, and of course the occasional law suite, before you decide you want to start your own baseball team. Trust me when i tell you that all the joy can be quickly forgotten in times of strife like those that can only be caused by children. As happy as you are right now, you can be sure there will be times you will understand why some species eat their young. You (of course) never made me feel that way. And you know which one of your sisters did. Don’t go to the well too many times!

    Just 2 cents from good ‘ol dad!

    Love you.

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