Weekday update

I’ve been thinking of what to talk to you all about for a few days and there is no connection with any of my random thoughts so your dose of boring for the day will come bullet style! 

  •  I’m about as excited for a 3 day weekend as one could be. I need a break from this desk so badly.
  • I am very hopeful that my workout tonight will be a good one, feeling a bit sluggish already. I really miss Diet Coke.
  • Our meeting with our roofing contractor at the beginning of the week was great. Turns out we aren’t just getting a new roof but all new siding, shutters and window screens.  Our house is going to look brand new. This of course means I must buy new lights for the porch, new house numbers and paint the front door.  
  • Our faucet was finally fixed by a pro last week.  We ended up getting a new one altogether and felt less like loser’s when he had to come back a 2nd night and actually CUT the old one out since it was in there so tight.  Sadly, I liked our old one better.
  •  Something really odd is going on here.  I have not fallen down since learning about the baby.  I usually take one serious fall up or down the stairs, off the deck whatever about once per month.  I am a horrible klutz!*   All of my pregnancy books read that your balance will become increasingly off kilter as you grow.  I’m certainly growing but I’m somehow more grounded then ever.  Am I subconsciously careful because of the nugget or what?  I do turn the lights on every time I venture up or down either of our stair cases now, maybe that helps too.
  • The car is off the DL finally.  We bought a new battery last weekend because it just couldn’t hold a charge.  However, seems that our *&%& neighbor who was so eager to help us jump it the first time and then promptly melted our cables apparently fried some “stuff”  our radio is toast and something is up with the power steering- that old car it is trying so hard to hang on for us.
  • I’m hoping to paint our kitchen and breakfast room this weekend.  I LOVE to paint, for about 30 minutes and then I wonder why in the hell do I think I like this again? Its always worth it.  If I do in-fact get it done I will post before and afters.
  • I’m so excited for my ultrasound next week it is ridiculous,  its almost making me forget about the scale.  Almost.
  • I am still feeling excellent.  Like my non-pregnant self but you know, pregnant.
  • My nesting is coming really early. I was in full gear right before I found out I was pregnant and then got sick really soon after so most of my plans were completely forgotten about. Now I’m picking up where I left off.  The list of stuff to do before October, she is long.
  • I am looking forward to my trip next month, I can’t wait to see the other pregnant women in my life who live a frillion miles away.  Especially my SIL who is just 2 weeks behind me.
  • My nephew finally got my name (mostly) right.  He’s been calling me Aunnie (which I LOVE) forever but this week he got Auntie Cisstina out and it made me cry. I love that child!
  • I’m starting to hate my job.  This little nugget is becoming a golden ticket to get the heck out of dodge!
  • Mike told me night before last I should look for a new job,  equal opp employee law aside no one is going to hire a woman who is 5 months pregnant.  No one. I can deal for 5 more months.
  • I think Bruno** knows somethings up, he cannot get close enough to me lately.  He’s at my side constantly and touching me when ever possible.  I am really worried about how he will handle becoming second fiddle, as he thinks he is my first born.  Rightfully so, he is SPOILED! It will break my heart if he gets pouty.  Can you even imagine a pouty bulldog? His head  his normally peppy step turns into a sad-sad swagger, its so pitiful.   I will do my best to keep him feeling special.
  • Now I’m thinking about the scale…

* Seriously my whole life!  Grandma and Aunt Kathy, do you remember our trip to the beach with Andrea when I was small?  You told me that if I could make it thru ONE day with out spilling something or falling down we could go to the theater to see Cinderella!  Well, I remember like it was yesterday.  I dropped my cheeseburger, cheese first on the carpet in our hotel.  You took me to the movie anyway 🙂

** Mr. B is now appearing on my “about” page.  I’m sure the fame will go straight to his square little head.


5 thoughts on “Weekday update

  1. I wish I would have known you “loved” painting 12 coats of primer and 8 coats of paint ago!!!

  2. I’m still feeling pretty much like myself too. I’ve been a little nauseous (not too bad) and tired.

    I am excited for you about the upcoming ultrasound! I was sooo neat for me to see the ultrasound 2 weeks ago and then again on Wednesday, the changes in that small amount of time are crazy!

    I feel like time is going by so slow, I can’t wait until we find out the sex of the baby!

  3. Your darling husband just directed me here. You are too cute. I am so glad that you are taking the time to document your experiences during this journey. Good luck finding good maternity clothes- you always think they’re cute until you’re preggo.

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