Off the Fence!

Over this past week as my u/s day approaches my excitement has started out mount.   There wasn’t really one thing that changed my mind it was more of a process that took some time.  Well, I’m all warmed up to it and so very ready to find out who is in there!  I have found much better decorating options too.  Even a couple of neutral ones just in-case the little nugget is feeling modest.  So Dad,  keep your phone close on the 30th, you “win”.   But just so you all know, if the nugget shares it’s goods with us I will share that info with you all, however, the name of nugget will remain under-wraps.   So please, don’t ask. I know some of my sweet as can be readers would just love to make some sort of personalized something and that is wonderful and so thoughtful but hey, I want something to be a surprise here since NO ONE (except Dad:)) was all that surprised when I announced this pregnancy.  Not that I can blame anyone, after 5 years of marriage, 6 years of grad school and two major moves it was, as so many said “About damn time!”

 I have decided that I will take time that weekend to register for the never ending mound of stuff that you apparently cannot go on without.  I’m trying to get my head sorted out before I go as my last trip to babies r us literally made me ill.  I have a good idea of what I think I need after hearing months of advise and lots of it good.  I wasn’t actually considering a wipe warmer but it’s good to hear that it’s crap and a waste of money.  (I’m still thinking about cloth diapers vs. disposable’s.  I’m open to any advise anyone has there)   So with all of this new found wisdom I am feeling better about my next trip and actually looking forward to it.  Largely because I get to pick a going home outfit for the baby that day, and seriously what is more fun than shopping for those itty bitty clothes.  Okay, shoe shopping but I’m growing here people.

We plan on purchasing a new digital camera this weekend since our first one has kicked the bucket.  I hope to have some fun things for you all to look at by the end of the weekend.  Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Off the Fence!

  1. Smart move on the name – best piece of advice I got was not to tell anybody. Wish I’d followed it, because now I will always remember my sister’s expression of chagrin when I told her the names we were considering … one of which we eventually used.

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