An open letter to Liz Lange, Target style

 Dear Liz, 

I am familiar with your high-end maternity clothing and find it stylish and professional looking.  My line of work is quite casual and  doesn’t require such quality (read- $80 khakis).   Knowing this, I headed to Target where your “for the rest of us” line is carried.  Liz, you are a mother of 2, no?  You live in NC city, you’re in the loop of up and coming looks. You have been pregnant two times, you know how to fit women as their bodies are “blossoming”. HA!  One would think.   I would like to know at what point in either of your pregnancies did you suddenly desire to look like an infant at their christening?  What is up with the lace, eyelet and bows on nearly every single item?  At some point in our recent past some one found us attractive enough to knock us up, the damage is done Liz why are you afraid to let us look like grown women NOW?  The one exception here is your denim shorts (denim shorts! went out of style in 98′) with the oh so modest inseam of 3 inches.  I suppose you only gained 12 lbs in 40 weeks and your legs looked as great as they did when you were 19.  Sure!

I also have a bone to pick with your sizing.  My pre-pregnancy top size was a xs or a 2 the top of yours I did purchase (and promptly cut the bow off!) is a LARGE! A large, Liz I am only 18 weeks pregnant, looks like you’ll be down one customer in about a month as I have already out grown your “high style low cost” line of christening gowns!  

P.S.  Why are my bottoms still pre-pregnancy size when my arse is giving my chest a run for its money?  At least you get that part right, maybe I will buy more of your pants, maybe.  I’m bitter, I hold grudges.

 P.P.S.  Target, what is up with combining the maternity and plus size section?   That is just rude and insensitive on so many.   levels for both plus size women and expectant mothers. 


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