Glowing,who me?

This is what I have been waiting for!  I have come to a point in this pregnancy where I am feeling so fantastic I can’t even believe it.   My skin looks great my hair is thicker, and what was somewhat of an embarrassment just a few weeks ago is now very obviously all baby.   At the risk of tooting my own horn here, I look as good as I feel.   Everything I read about the “honeymoon trimester” has turned out to be true.  This is exactly what us delusional girls who can’t wait to have a baby expect gestation to be like, all rose colored and cheery.   The baby moving is really adding to the joy,  part of the glow has to be from my beaming smile with each twitch and thump I feel.  I just don’t really know how to articulate how I am feeling aside from as happy as I can ever remember.

 Heidi and I have started planning the baby shower, SO excited for that!  A trip home and a party?  Awesome!  


4 thoughts on “Glowing,who me?

  1. Like Mal, I looked miserable the whole time, and unfortunately felt it. I am so glad you’ve got the GLOW. You’re right – gestation SHOULD be about the stuff you’re going thru now! Congrats!

  2. I can feel the glow from here in Florida – we are in the house and loving it! Pictures soon. Happy Mother’s Day!

    Love Dad

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