16 weeks

I had a check up today. Everything is right on track, I’m fattening up nicely and the baby’s heart rate measured 150 bpm. I asked the Dr some questions about diet and exercise and mentioned that I can’t seem to do anything to help myself as far as my back and hips are concerned, I also mentioned that my feet are getting puffy by the end of the day and even more so after a workout. What did he tell me? “The first thing you need to do is ditch the heels!” Of course I wander in there in 3 inch wedges, I don’t care how fat pregnant I am I still want to look good damnit. He then gave me some tips for sitting correctly so I keep my offending joints (the sacroiliac’s, there are 3 one at the base of your tailbone and one connecting to each hip) from rubbing on other areas and getting inflamed. These suggestions seem easy enough but it’s been 3 hours and I’m already having a hard time following them. Those who know me know as soon as I sit down I curl up like a pretzel; I’m never sitting straight up with 2 feet on the ground. Well, that’s what I need to do legs apart feet flat. I didn’t tell him that I’m too short for my feet to touch. So I am going to work on that, as the pain and the annoyance are greater than sitting “properly.” The heels? Well that’s a lot harder. Well see how that goes. Everyone knows the wider you get the taller you need to be to balance it out! HA- we also know that’s about as helpful as the ruffle on a swimsuit.

I started feeling the nugget doing laps about a week and a half ago. Over the past few days it’s becoming more frequent. It’s a whopping 5 inches long now which is astounding, and ridiculous for me to be impressed with, as most infants are born at 19+ well maybe not ours since neither of us could reach 6 feet standing tip toed on a ladder. Anyway, I mentioned that I a have been waiting for little milestones to help all of this click. Well I’m happy to say that having it remind me it’s in there during the day is doing the trick. Every time I feel it I smile and give it a little pat. I picture it swimming back and forth doing little flip kicks when it hits the side of the pool to change direction. That too makes me happy. Now Mike is chomping at the bit waiting for his turn, I feel it a lot when I have been still for a bit so often when were are watching TV at the end of the night. He smiles and tries to feel for it every time but it’s too soon.

The big day, if I so choose will be May 30th. My 20-week ultrasound, which will reveal the sex. I’m still on the fence there but I have 23 days to sit with it.

4 thoughts on “16 weeks

  1. Glad to hear everything is going well! Yay for your little olympic swimmer.
    Have you tried wedge heels? Perhaps they’d be better…
    When you say you’re sitting on the fence about the revealing of the sex, do you mean about what it’ll be? Or whether to find out?

  2. Get off the fence! Knowing if it is a she nugget or a he with 2 nuggets will allow you to give him/her an identy and we can all start planning accordingly. But then, you know that has been my position from the get go – pink or blue looks so much nicer than greens and yellows!


  3. Congrats! I wish somebody had given me the sacroiliac advice, because when that inflammation happened it HURT. I was walking like I was eight months pregnant at 18 weeks!

    Whatever you decide on “finding out,” good luck on May 30!!

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