Life goes on

Suddenly life is feeling like a whirlwind!  Our normally quiet two-person existence has been shaken up a bit.  This is due to tons of things, issues with the house, issues with our car, a too short trip to NC, lots more communication with everyone in our lives now that the baby is coming.  It’s been both crazy and really nice.  I think all of the activity is helping me keep my mind off the fact that something is inhabiting my body.   I’m okay with this but it is getting bizarre.  When we were in NC this weekend we received or first baby related gifts (thanks girls!) and they are all soft and sweet and I love it all but I couldn’t help but say out loud, “what am I going to do with this stuff”.  J laughed, as she knew exactly what I meant and how I am feeling, pregnant but not quiet expecting a baby.  When we came home on Sunday I carefully unwrapped all of the items and put them in the baby’s room, I called M into the room to look.  “There are someone else’s clothes in there, can you believe it?”  He looked at me like I had two heads,  “yeah, well we are having a baby” HA, easy for him to say!  I didn’t think he would “get” it before I would.  Funny considering the look on his face when that clear blue easy read Pregnant.  Last night our nursery furniture was delivered and as excited as I was for it to come when they were brining it in the house I again said out loud “wow, were totally having a baby”  (I wish I didn’t say totally but I totally did) Again he smiles at me and says “Yup!”  Later when everything was in place I rocked in the chair and stared at the crib, smiling yet shaking my head in disbelief.  I keep coming up with things that I think will help, at first it was the ultrasound (s) that helped for a few days, then hearing the heartbeat, Okay both were awesome but didn’t really do it.  Now I am saying that when it starts kicking that will help, but who knows.  I’m not feeling bothered by it I just think its sort of strange.  Something I wanted so badly is happening and I just can’t wrap my head around it.

Our trip to NC was fantastic, we saw everyone who we have been missing.  It was sort of a strange trip, like we were going home but not home at all.  M said the night before we left its “our home” its where we moved together and started our life with no friends and no family and we were going back to visit the life we had made for ourselves.  Still, renting a car and driving to “work” is so strange.  It was different than when we go home to Washington, which is home because our families and childhood friends are there.  This was it’s own experience and a sad one at that.  I couldn’t wait to move away from there, NC was beautiful and I had made some great friends but it never felt like home and I was desperate for a place that did (without actually being WA).  Going back and seeing everything we left behind was hard but reminded me that we made it there we will make it in OH too! 

Homeownership has been giving us a run for our money in the past few weeks!  We have been having power surges for about 12 weeks, which isn’t only annoying its been scaring the pants off of us.  See, we have a carbon monoxide and natural gas leak detector and when the power surges in the middle of the night the alarm sounds, the first few times it did this we were sure our house was about to blow, why else would it go off?!  Well long story short, the power company put a monitor on the house for a week and swore nothing was wrong, the day the monitor was removed we lost power to half of our basement, the half were we live, so our cable, internet and telephone were all out of order.  The next day they came back and again, said everything was fine. To make matters worse, the dang alarm went off that night at 2 am!  So we are livid, this dang $100 device we purchased to protect us is driving us mad and the power company has blown out our power and is taking zero responsibility!  Well, I feel compelled to remind you we are rookies in this homeowner business, after much tinkering and advise seeking we tried every test/re-set button in the house and bingo- its back!  I don’t even care how stupid we are, I was just so relieved that we didn’t have to call an electrician!   Actually the fact that the power co. didn’t ask me about the reset buttons when I called to report the problem makes us less dumb, right?   With that and the trip behind us I hope this week will be more relaxed, I’m told there is a baby coming and ho boy just wait for that tailspin! 


4 thoughts on “Life goes on

  1. We so enjoyed your visit….I forwarded the pics home so Lee could see them, especially your belly. Cant wait to see you again. A is just a wus! ha oxox

    oh yeah….we have carpet!!!

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