Now all I need is some sun!

I am feeling very well lately, nearly back to my old self except for the tiredness.  The cold wet weather really adds to just wanting to stay in bed or nap on the couch. It’s not like the tired days of your early 20’s were you were up till 3 and have to be at work at 8, it’s more like I’ve been up since 20 and haven’t slept in 9 years!  Like zombies have invaded my body (and force fed it fast food) and they just sort of push me around so I end up in the right place.  If only they could do my work for me, and switch out the burger for a salad.   Actually, my eating habits are much improved from the earlier days.  I am back to balanced meals and not living on crackers and pudding.  I am sure I will never want a snack pack again.   My goal for this week is to take the gym more seriously.  I was running about 15 miles a week before I got pregnant,  I have been to the gym only a hand full of times in the last 10 weeks.  I need to go, I will feel less inhabited by zombies and I really want to stay in some sort of shape so taking off the weight will be less of a struggle in the end.   

If someone would have told me how fast your body starts changing I wouldn’t have believed it.   Truth is, before you even know your pregnant there are visible things happening,  you just don’t put two and two together until that 2nd pink line appears.   In week 12 my belly rounded out, now two weeks later I’m almost looking pregnant.    This is something I was looking forward too but its not been what I expected.  I have always had the upper hand with what is growing and the ability to stop it.  Now I look in the mirror and I don’t recognize my own body.   I have 26 weeks to grow, like it or not.   I can work out and I will still GROW for 26 more weeks.  While I really am okay with that and look forward to everything that is waiting for me in the upcoming months,  I am hoping the more obvious the belly becomes the less self conscious I will feel.   I really need to work on feeling is less give a crap- why should I care if the check out person thinks I have a beer gut.  I know better, that should be enough.

Overall though, life is getting easier.  The housework is kept up with, the meals are homeade, Mr. B walked.  Now if the weather would get it together I could get the yard in shape while I can still bend over.

We are headed to NC for a long weekend Friday morning.  At least I know I can get some sun while there.    Guarenteed sunshine and love from our friends we left behind.  That will get me through the week of grey skies and naps!  Can’t wait.

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