Because I have been so lax about updating I offer a list of random thoughts to keep you busy until I can gather up the energy to write something better.

  • I need a haircut! Better yet I need a hairdresser.  My last haircut was less that good and I always say I would rather gain 10 lbs then have a bad cut as I could loose the weight before it would grow out.  Well now I’m up 7 lbs AND have bad hair…

  • This weather is sucking the life right out of me- I want spring back!

  • All of my fat/early pregnancy clothes were purchased in the week of 80-degree temps- I have nothing to wear when it is 40!  I do not look good.

  • Having meatball subs for dinner tonight… *checks watch, 3 hours till dinner!*

  • Pregnancy is messing with my skin, My face is clear, better than it has been in years, all of my adult acne has migrated to neck and back- THAT is something no one tells you about.

  • This past weekend was very productive- I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned.  It was fantastic!  I even stayed awake until 11 pm!  Eleven PM- that hasn’t happened since January. 
  • Most of the nursery furniture is in, I can’t wait until it is in the house and I can sit in the rocker rather than on the floor.

  • About 85% sure that I want to find out the sex of the nugget.  I want to know if my hunt for a middle name for a pink nugget is a waste of time, or not. 

  • The more I look at crib bedding the more I hate ducks, chicks and bears- my word isn’t there a stylish modern option for less than $600?   This is part of the reason I am leaning toward “finding out”.

  • I noticed an older man at the coffee shop this morning look at my belly, then he made eye contact and smiled.   I liked it! 

  • My tailbone is aching about 15 hours a day and when I workout (ha, walk an hour on the treadmill) it spreads to my hips.  I imagine I will gain a good 15-20 more lbs I’m in trouble!

  • I went to Babies R Us by myself last weekend and it gave me a headache.  I love options, but having 47 baby monitors to choose from is just stupid!

  • I have picked out a diaper bag; I’m so in love with it I wonder if I can use it as a purse before the nugget comes.  I know better, Petunia Pickle Bottom isn’t a handbag brand! It sure would hold all of my snacks…


2 thoughts on “Slacker

  1. I don’t miss the aching hips or the fat clothes. Too bad I still wear some of them – 16 months after giving birth. There’s a lot nobody tells you.

  2. this one made me laugh 🙂 Don’t worry the acne will make its way back up to your face soon 🙂 (Ohh and stay on your back for a bit) Love you.

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