I’ve always been a daydreamer.  Could always sit quietly and just think of whatever comes to mind.  I have been doing this more and more in the past week or two.  I imagine it’s a combination of a few things, I am starting to feel better and the weather is finally spring like which lends itself to gazing out the open window. Another is the nursery, we started trying for a baby when we moved here so that room had its purpose from day one.  In the months that we were unsuccessful I would sit in the room and cry as it would go on empty for another month, in the in-between times I would sit in the corner full of hope and joy planning for the future.  Now I sit in the room and just, daydream.  I think about everything in that empty room full of promises from simple things like names and paint colors to deeper more important things that I’m sure I will write about later.  But right now sitting quietly suits me fine.  I am enjoying my quiet time dreaming up all sorts of plans, on the deck with Mr. B at my side or in the baby room next to the open window.  I’m finding that all of this is sinking in and as it does I am more and more content and increasingly excited.

Edit:   I wrote this a few days ago, tonight its snowing so those days of sitting in the fresh air of an open window are on hold!   *shakes fist at Ohio*

One thought on “Daydreamer

  1. though it isn’t snowing, MD isn’t much better. Mon thru Wednesday? high 70’s, today, not even 50. HATE IT.

    Enjoy the quiet. Soak up as much as you can. After the baby comes your life will never be silent again, but you won’t miss it one bit. Baby laughs (and even cries) are about ten thousand times better 🙂

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