All bets are off!

I complained the other day about heating food at work.   It is one thing to heat something up with the intention of enjoying and eating it.  I understand that, it’s cool.  It is my problem that I am super sensitive to smells right now.  It is QUITE a freaking other to open a can of tuna, choose to partially drain it into a paper towel, stash said paper towel in my desk drawer and hide the can of tuna under my desk!  WHY would someone do that?  Apparently my dry heaving fit over the halibut soup wasn’t funny enough.  Is that not mean am I missing the humor here?  It may have been funny if it were a few weeks from now when my stomach turning days are (hopefully) well behind me, but not today.



One thought on “All bets are off!

  1. Oh, that sucks. My stomach was so easily turned when I was pregnant; the mere thought of a foul smell sent me running for the closest toliet.

    I’m totally ripping off “the Office” with this suggestions, but office supplies in jell-o never fails to make me pee myself laughing…but you would need to know who was so rude. And, ohmygod, that was REALLY rude. Pregnant or not.

    or, replace all the coffe with decaff and don’t tell anyone. then, three or four weeks later, switch it all back to regular.

    My final idea – out of order signs on all bathrooms. not really too clever, but it will annoy people when they realize they have NOWHERE to pee 🙂

    good luck with plotting your revenge. Whoever did that to you really deserves it.

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