They can’t all be the best

Well first off, one of you had to have read yesterdays post and laughed.  She’s so not ready for Chili, Rookie!  Well you’d be right. Why didn’t someone warn me?  Lordy did it come with some serious indigestion.  It wasn’t a very good recipe either.  It sounded good because it had chipotle chilies and adobe sauce which I have cooked with before and they were awesome (barbecue chicken sandwiches, very different flavor than chili).  I’m skeptical before I dish mine up so I put massive amounts of cheddar on it to try and help it along.  Sill wasn’t great.   M takes his first bite, “this isn’t your regular stuff, it’s different”.  I ask “good different, bad different?”  “Well, sort of tastes like a campfire.”  Well that settles that!  The mini cornbread muffins were great I will post that later.

Today’s random thought:

Why is there non-acetone nail polish remover?  It’s like trying to remove your polish with a cotton ball and sheer will! 

p.s. My gym bag is in the car. Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “They can’t all be the best

  1. Non-acetone is a PAIN! But is for people with acrylic over their nails. regular nail polish melts the acrylic. So does the non-acetone though because you have to use so much liquid to get the stupid polish off in the first place, so yeah…pretty much pointless.

  2. Well Hi there little Momma!!! With the help of Heidi I solved the junk filter thought YOU were junk..the NERVE!!
    Your blog is fantastic. I will look forward to every update. You are now in my favorite list and MSN and Verizon better leave their hands off you or they will have me to deal with.
    There are so many things I would love to tell you but the best advice I have is enjoy the moment! This is what you were meant to do and you will do a fabulous job!!!
    Grandpa and I (G-Gma and G-Gpa) are so happy and you will be #10..wowsa we are SO blessed.
    We love you (all 3 )so.

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