I’m Back!

Okay, I’m a little reluctant to say that I am my old self but this weekend was great.  I needed rest between tasks and still went to bed on the early side but I was well, I was vertical!  When asked on Friday night, “Can you eat?”  I not only answered, “Yes,” I said “lets go out for Mexican!”    On Saturday I went out on my own for the first time in at least 7 weeks.  My mission, to find pants that aren’t screaming for mercy every time I sit and or eat- god forbid I do both simultaneously.   I still don’t look pregnant but my middle has gotten thicker so it was time.  I was able to find two pair of pants that fit and look good but the tops were a challenge.  Because I’m just thick, not round yet the maternity tops are just tent like so I had to buy some larger regular stuff that I can hopefully get some use out of once the little nugget is here.  But the best purchase by far was the red t-strap sandals!  LOVE!  Oh it has been ages since I have bought a pair of shoes because I want them.  Now, some of you are laughing because I need shoes like I need air.  However, my job is so casual I just wear jeans, plus the winter here is so cold and wet/snowy that I just wore clogs and thick socks so it really has been a good 6 months since my last good impulse shoe buy.  That made the day!   Then, well then I was shot I had to go home and eat my left over chimi from the night before and take a nap.

Remember the winter comment I just made, cold and wet and snow?  Well Ohio isn’t done with my initiation just yet.  It’s been very nice for a while now, the trees are blooming the grass is green.  Tomorrows high 80.  Thursday’s high? 38with a chance of SNOW!  Snow, I’m sorry? You have got to be kidding me with this back and forth business. Snow Thrusday thru Sunday.   I doubt I can even get my warm coat zipped up. Oh how I miss North Carolina’s weather!

Okay, next up on my little rant is food at work.  What can rock a pregnant persons world faster than the word twins*?  The guy at work who heated up Halibut soup today!  This is one symptom that has not subsided, the smells can still get me and holy crap did that do it. I mean who has even heard of such a thing?  Their needs to be rules about what can be micro waved at work.  #1 FISH- #2 FISH!  Gag!  Now if you will excuse me, I have new recipes to try tonight, one for Chili and another for mini cornbread muffins!  YUM.  I can’t tell you what a victory it is to cook again.  Next up, getting back to the gym…  Maybe tomorrow.

  * Oh god no, there is just one!


One thought on “I’m Back!

  1. so glad you are getting better – hey remember that one email i sent that spoke of keeping a hanky handy and some mint or other scent that you can breath through when odors get to you ?

    i love reading these every day!

    Love you, Mike and grand-nugget!


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